The AYO Game


The object of the game is to collect more pebbles than your opponent. You collect your pebbles in your home-pot which is at the right hand end of the board.

The computer uses the top row of pots, and his home pot is on the left. You use the bottom row of pots and your home is on the right.

To start your turn, choose one of your pots by clicking on it. The pot must have pebbles in it. The pebbles from the chosen pot will be distributed round the board in an anti-clockwise direction.

If the last pebble to be distributed falls in your home pot you get an extra turn.

If the last pebble falls in an empty pot on your side of the board, and there are pebbles in the pot opposite, then you win the pebbles opposite and your last pebble (the one that landed in the empty pot). These pebbles are placed in your home pot.

You can start a new game any time by pressing the Play Again button.

When you start a new game the computer waits for you to take first turn. You can let the computer go first by pressing the Let the Computer go first button.